Why you should visit Greece for your honeymoon

Greece is without a doubt one of the most popular travel and holiday destinations in the world. Millions of people from the four corners of the world visit this beautiful country every summer in order to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea and to take in the beauty of the country’s many islands. Greece is not just popular with holiday goers though, the last few years it has been hailed as one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. Every year thousands of couples decide to spend their honeymoon in Greece, why is that though? What makes Greece stand out?

Before we talk about what makes Greece so romantic, let’s get one thing out of the way: there is no genera definition of the terms “romance” and romantic”. What one couple deems sweet and romantic, another may deem boring and even tacky. With that in mind, it goes without saying that in the end of the day, the choice of your honeymoon destination is yours. The following are the reasons for which a couple should at least consider Greece carefully when picking honeymoon destinations.

 So, with that in mind, let’s see what makes Greece the favorite honeymoon destination of thousands of couples from all over the world.

Amazing weather

If there is one thing that Greece is known all over the world for, it’s her sun. Greece is one of the countries in Europe with the greatest amounts of sunshine. In fact, some of its islands, such as Rhodes, have 300 out of 365 sunny days a year, on average. Weather is important when it comes to any trip and it is even more important when it comes to something that will only happen once in a lifetime, like a honeymoon trip. Granted, there fun things that a newly-married couple could do while trapped in a hotel room, but a honeymoon trip should be something special and you can’t enjoy a destination with bad weather. As long as you don’t visit Greece during the heart of winter, good weather is pretty much guaranteed.

Gorgeous landscapes

Greece is also known for its natural beauty. A lot of its islands have their own unique “personality”: from the medieval walled city of Rhodes, to the majesty and beauty of the volcanic caldera of Santorini and the houses built right on the edge of the waterfront in the little Venice district of Mykonos, Greece has some of the most picturesque places in the world. It’s no wonder that many places in this rather small manage small country manage to enter the top-10 most photographed places in the world year after year.

It’s a rather small country

Greece may have lots to offer – especially when it comes to romantic places and destinations – but thanks to its rather small size, one can experience the country’s most unique “offerings” quite easily. Most of the country’s gorgeous islands are really small and located really close one to another, which makes island-hopping not only possible, but perhaps the perfect way to experience the beauty of the Aegean and the Ionian Sea. A lot of couples opt for honeymoon cruises which will take them to the most popular islands of Greece and to some other popular destinations such as Athens and Thessaloniki, the country’s two biggest and most beautiful cities. Greece honeymoons are not known for being flamboyant but they are definitely the best when it comes to romance, warmth and beauty.

Great prices

A lot of people seem to think that you a couple can enjoy a memorable honeymoon only if they visit an exotic destination, such as Bali or Shri-Lanka. That is not true. Greece is an extremely romantic destination with lots to offer to any couple and as long as they are from Europe, they won’t have to spend countless hours on a plane and spend a fortune to get there!